KOLhub is a new platform with transparent practices so you can have more control over the KOL/Brand matching process.

We want to help make sure you as a content creator and social media influencer get the right support to grow and most importantly Earn Money for your hard work!

1. Brand and KOL Matching

All you need to do is let us know what are your social media Rates/Fees and we will do the rest. Here are some of the key highlights

> This Service is Absolutely free to you... as we charge the brand a service fee. (Find out more about our fee system here )

> Match your social media profile with potential clients.

> Confirm Job deliverables

> Confirm Rates and Payment

> Inform you on Job details, datelines and required deliverables

> Create Reports on your campaign performance

> And Make sure you get paid on time

> We don’t believe in free JOBs or posting. We make sure there is always a cash payment

2. KOL Management

Let us take care of all the annoying parts when dealing with clients. Here are some of the key highlights

> This Service is Absolutely free to you... (Find out more about our fee system here )

> Take care of your all interest and represent them to the potential client

> Promote your social media account to clients new new client that we work with.

> Give you support and advice on your social media direction a pricing strategies

> Most importantly make sure you get a paid for your services on time

3. Branding service

Need help building your brand image ? our team will help you up your game...Here are some of the key highlights

> This Service is charged per Module to you at very affordable rates.

> Optimize your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. LinkedIn Account.

> Show you step by step how to use Ad manager and analytics for the best results.

> Setup your professional personal profile, email account, sales platform and much more.

We aim to be transparent as possible! and give you more insights on the process of KOL selection by our clients. So you can make the best and profitable decisions for your social media business.

1. We will let you know the total cost we charge our clients when they engage your services. This will give you a better understanding of your Social Media Value.

2. We don't believe in FREE WORK OR WORK FOR FREE PRODUCTS and neither should you ! There will always be cash payments for your content.

3. We will continuously give tips on how the increase your income.


After years of working with KOL’s and clients we realized there seems to be a blurred understanding of fees and cost related to a campaign so we have decided to let you know in this process the breakdown for each campaign as follows:

  • What has the client paid for your services
  • The fees we charged  
  • What is your final payment

This way everyone knows what their value is from the start.

1 . This is what you are paid 

2. This is our matching fee

3. This is what the client is paying for your services.


Every time a brand client selects you for a campaign eg: Instagram, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube. We charge the client your agreed rate + our service operations (SO) fee example below,

Your Rate + SO Fee (35% to 80%)

Your rate RM 1000 + SO fee 45% ( RM 450 ) = Total RM 1450

Why do we charge up to 80% More on top of your agrees rate ? Here’s why..

>We need to pay our Business cost, Admin staff, Sales staff, Accounts staff, and many more.

>We need to pay our delivery person to send any product for you to use for the campaign

>We Guarantee the client that if any of their demo products get lost or broken we bare the cost

>Most Importantly we pay you first. Sometimes clients take forever to pay or even worse don’t pay at all. But we make sure get paid first no matter what from our pockets.